Iran offers Pakistan to buy oil, electricity, gas at cheap rates

Source: Pakistan Observer

Neighbouring Islamic country, Iran once again offered Pakistan to buy petrol, electricity and natural gas at cheap rates like Russia.

In an exclusive interview with a private television Channel on Thursday, Iranian Ambassador Mohammad Ali Hosseini said that Iran’s offer to Pakistan to buy petrol, electricity and gas is still intact.

The Iranian ambassador said Pakistan can trade petroleum products whenever it wants and his country is also ready to give Pakistan as much petrol as it needed.

He said the Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline project has also been completed by Iran so now Pakistan can also buy natural gas at cheap prices.

Iranian Ambassador Hosseini said Pakistan is buying 100 Mega Watt of electricity from Iran and also requested the Pak government to make arrangements to buy more electricity from Iran at cheap rates.

About the total volume of trade between both the countries–Iran and Pakistan, he said it is very low but it could be enhanced by developing tourism as people from Iran want to come to Pakistan for tourism and are interested in seeing Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and northern regions while Pakistani pilgrims are also going to Iran.—NNI