Turkmenistan vows to complete gas project

Source: Tribune

ISLAMABAD: Ashgabat is committed to completing the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline project together with regional countries, remarked TAPI Pipeline Company Limited CEO Muhammetmyrat Amanov.

He said that Turkmenistan had advanced the energy project with a strong commitment and according to the international law, said a press release issued here.

“Turkmenistan is making significant progress on the TAPI natural gas pipeline, which will supply 33 billion cubic metres to South Asia annually,” he said.

Speaking at the Turkmen Energy Investment Forum (TEIF 2024) currently being held in Paris, Amanov highlighted that Turkmenistan’s section of the pipeline had been completed and ongoing discussions to advance the project beyond Turkmenistan were in strict alignment with the international standards.

He said the project envisaged environmental sustainability by leveraging natural gas to reduce emissions significantly compared to coal and oil, thereby tackling indoor pollution and enhancing regional air quality.

Turkmenistan is implementing the project in strict adherence to the international law, Amanov stressed. “In light of the ongoing project developments, Turkmenistan remains committed to upholding the international law, fulfilling its obligations and adhering to international norms and regulations.” This approach reaffirms Turkmenistan’s dedication to global cooperation and legal integrity in executing the TAPI project.

Looking ahead, the project’s focus is shifting to the Herat Offtake Strategy in Afghanistan, which will play a critical role in environmental protection by reducing air pollution, while also contributing to maintaining public safety, he said.

The company CEO said it would provide early revenue streams and increase the confidence of lenders.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 28th, 2024.